Brand Conformance and Refresh

Brand Audit

A brand audit is an efficient health check of a brand. We identify and address the key problem areas in branding and marketing, which could help to re-strengthen the foundation of your brand.

Repositioning Strategy

It is an exercise where the brand changes its status in the marketplace to keep up with consumer’s changing expectations and needs. We realign your brand to your business and sketch a futuristic strategy that is ambitious and competitive with other high performing brands in the marketplace.

Brand Manual

We help you in crafting your own brand manual, which will serve as the document that describes what your brand stands for, and will help in establishing the voice and personality of your company. It will also govern every aspect of internal and external communication from the company.

Change Communication

While change is the only thing constant in the world, announcing that you have arrived, is important. We communicate this for you in the most appropriate way, and rejuvenate your brand in the right way.

Brand Trainings

Enlightening all layers of the firm with the prevailing change is our idea of brand trainings. We educate your employees, and make them accept and acknowledge the change. The purpose of this exercise is to catalyze the change and accentuate progress.

Evaluation & Realignment

Assessing and analyzing the steps taken by a brand is a necessity in any market to thrive. We analyze, evaluate and re-align the strategy (if required) for an enhanced outlook of your promising brand.